Janathon day 17 & 18

Signing off.. I didn’t want to just stop without explanation. I’m fed up about not completing Janathon… like I wanted anyway. I suppose the Yoga can count on the days I’ve not run.

After seeing Trevor on thursday I felt a bit ropey and sore so I didn’t run although I had jogged to my appointment so that counts. Friday I was a cow, grouchy and tired and just a pain in arse, I assumed it was as a result of sports massage, sometimes the toxins released into your body during a deep massage can make you feel a bit yucky. I felt really ill at about 3:30 all aching with brain fog so I took some pills and got through the evening but cancelled my run. At 1am I woke up absolutely freeeeeezing and shaking, everything hurt. I took more pills then an hour later I stared to sweat like I’ve never sweat before. So I don’t know if it’s the effects of the massage and I’ll be fighting fit tomorrow or if I’ve got a virus, there’s plenty going about. Regardless, I should be at Parkrun right now and I’m not. Shame as it’s a lovely morning.

I will do some yoga and stretching in a bit and walk to dog but I don’t have a run in me sadly.

I will continue with Janathon when I’m better.

In other news… little Ron has slept through the night 3 times in the last week (I just touched some wood) I’ll be unstoppable when I start getting proper sleep

Janathon day 15 & 16

Sat waiting for my appointment with Trevor I have a minute to type my Janathon blog.

I fully expect a miracle .. running club last night was very enjoyable but painful.

FFWD… I’ve had a painful hour with Trevor, working on a very tight quadricep and quadratus lumborum, he reckons that’s what’s causing my back pain and knee pain whilst running.

As a result I haven’t ran today which I’m sad about but it’s not exactly the end of the world.

Last night I ran 4.7miles, the longest run since last year. It was a nice easy pace but it felt harder than it should, hard to explain other than my lungs were fine my legs (and back) weren’t.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into running and racing but feeling a bit sad at the minute. Classically it’s marathon training season so EVERYONE is training for a marathon, realistically, they’re not, it’s just that I see and hear it at club and on FB and I’m a bit envious, I’m not fit enough to enter anything happening soon but I need a ‘thing’ and also my long run group have moved on and I can’t see me catching up anytime soon. I want to be Wonder Woman but I’m just not so I’m sad. Moan Moan moan. Perhaps I should just ask, put it out there at running club/group. There will be others improvers at my level who want to train for races I just need to find them

Janathon day 14

Almost half way through Janathon I’m pretty chuffed really aside from Sunday I have ran every day . Admittedly it’s been more successful than dry January (stoopid stoopid idea)

Deflated from yesterday I opted for just a mile run which I made up as I went along. It was nice, it rained, it was over very quickly and now I’m looking forward to running club tomorrow night.

I have found a couple of short YouTube yoga classes for runners. One is only 10 minutes to do before running and the other is 7 minutes for after running. I have always been loyal to the same woman for years but her class is almost 30 minutes after running and I just don’t have the time. So I’m sorry Ester from EkhartYoga I love you and one day I’ll be back. Now I’m doing Jess and Adriene, skinny pair … is there even a slightly chubby Yoga instructor??? Hopefully it’ll feel more beneficial once Trevor has released all the right muscles causing the back pain.

I hope something exciting happen soon, I’m running out of stuff to say

Janathon day 13

After cheating a bit yesterday I thought I ought to pull my finger out today.

Actually I think pulling my finger nails out would have hurt about the same. I’m fed up. I felt like I was in that dream where you’re running but going nowhere.

This isn’t the first time I’ve returned to running after a break or injury but it is definitely the hardest. It’s possible I suppose, that I’m not as recovered from surgery as I think I am. I intend to soldier on and book in with Trevor, a local physio who keeps many local runners … er .. running.

Today’s run… it was a nice 4 mile route mix of road and muddy track so I wore my old trainers, I’m not normally that precious about new trainers, I definitely won’t be again in the future. My old ones are retired as of today.. dog walking only. The first mile and a half was painful and I thought about cutting short but after cheating yesterday I daren’t. So I pushed on to the top of Green lane, the last bit of uphill and start of the muddy bit. Seeing a car pulling out of the lane gave me an excuse to stop for a second, the driver made some gesture I didn’t understand, I thought maybe he was telling me there was a tractor coming up the hill or something so I paused and he wound the window down saying he was moving back for me to pass obviously he thought I was going straight on and not down the lane. Anyway this gentleman was clearly using marijuana in his car… I assume for medicinal purposes. The smell billowed out of the drivers window like opening the oven door when you’ve had it too hot.

I floated down the lane feeling marvellous after that.. could have been coincidental of course.. I was going down hill 😂