Taper Trauma

It’s fair to say I’m having taper traumas. I know it’s normal and I’m not on my own but it’s still a funny couple of weeks. 

My knees hurt, old injuries seem to be troublesome again, I’m exhausted but not sleeping well, I have LOST my mind and as for diet…. It’s a shocker. You would not believe the crap I have shovelled down me this past week and then felt guilty afterwards, needless to say I’ve put on weight. 

I only ran 18 miles over 3 runs this week, so that doesn’t help. I took 3 consecutive rest days to help my knees but after 6 miles yesterday they were just the same. I feel deflated.
I had a sports massage today which hopefully will help. Jenna, super sports massage therapist knows what she’s doing and by Sunday I hope to be race ready.
I was inspired by amazing successes at the Manchester Marathon yesterday but equally I know two races that were complete disasters despite training to the letter for a time. It just goes to show that on the day if Mr Marathon gets out of the wrong side of bed, he’ll pull the rug from under your feet and there’s nothing you can do about it. What a positive thought..
Roll on Sunday so I can get back to my jolly self again…
Sarah x

Two weeks to go… 

So pretty much all the hard work is done now. I’ve ran about 540 miles in the last 14 weeks, got lost up a mountain (big hill) and actually ran 7 miles on a treadmill, now there’s an hour of my life I won’t get back. Oh, and listened to the same playlists over and over and over

Today was probably one of the hardest runs I’ve EVER done. It was 16 miles, not the longest but  after running 6 miles at tempo last night and eating no breakfast beforehand, I was running 16 miles whilst hungry with exhausted heavy legs. It’s done… It hurt… it was a gorgeous morning, so that helped a bit.  

 I managed the last 6 miles at marathon pace or quicker which amazes me really considering how much it hurt.

Now I’m going to use the next couple of weeks to iron out a few niggles I’ve picked up, starting off by finding my knees, I think they’re still up on the Longdendale trail somewhere, there’s a reward for their safe return. 
After all the whinging and moaning in my last post I’ve got through it and tonight I’m feeling pretty happy 

that I don’t ever have to run a stupid distance alone ever again.. The next time I do a long run it will be on the day with thousand of others. 

So in the meantime I will continue to pinch myself to remind me that training is almost over and work on the nice things like what on earth to wear….?? 
Thanks for reading

Sarah x 

Marathon training round 3

I haven’t blogged much lately, to be honest I have nothing to say that I think anyone wants to read.. Apart from the getting lost incident, I should have written that down for future reference, the moment has passed now though

But I do want to at least write something about marathon training for the third time. 
Because I run alone I have far too much time to think….
There are people out there who run marathon after marathon after marathon, hats off to them because I’m fairly sure this is my last. I am hating the training this time, so much so that it’s actually making me anxious, I run for enjoyment and to straighten out the anxieties of life in general so really it’s counter productive.
There are two reason I think for this
1. The last two times I had other people to run with, so I wasn’t alone on every run. 
2. I have nothing to prove to myself. I completed a marathon then I knocked a chunk of time off.. Job done. I was happy with what I did in Chester 2013. 
Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to the day, the London Marathon is an amazing event, I just don’t want to do the training. Equally I know that if you don’t do the training the marathon distance will chew you up and spit you out. 
I can’t help but compare my recent efforts to my training for Chester, when I was Miss Perfect, a super focused, healthy eating athlete with a colour coded training plan. 
Every run I beat myself up because I don’t have a plan, I haven’t turned down chips and curry once and am drinking far too much red wine to be considered medicinal. 
But, having said all that, I am doing it, it’s not technical or pretty and there is certainly no routine involved but I am doing the miles. 
Yesterday I covered the longest distance since Chester, 17.5 miles. I kept a lovely steady pace a good 20 seconds faster per mile than a comparable run whilst training in 2013. So really I am on track and all this worrying I’m doing isn’t called for. It just goes to prove than marathon running is as much a mental battle as a physical one. The training alone will mess with your mind if you allow it.
This brings me back to training alone, far too much time to think…

Janathon day 27 & 28

It’s a good job I’m a hardy Northerner because it was grim out there today.

I took another day off yesterday, it seemed like the sensible thing to do.

I waited for a break in the weather this morning and planned on 8/9 miles from home. 4.5 miles to the first road crossing on the trail then back again. A couple of miles in the hail stones started and by the time I reached the road crossing they were bouncing off my back, I didn’t dare turn around to face them so I just kept on going. I made a snap decision to do my long run, not 16 as planned but 13. There was another break in the weather as I left the trail to do a loop of the woods on the other side of the reservoirs.
There is a metal bridge crossing at the end of the reservoirs, it’s a wind tunnel even on a lovely day but today it was ridiculous, I almost got blown off it but stopped to take pictures anyway..


Now if you’re a lone runner with a big imagination you can recreate your own little Titanic moment on that there bridge.

Yesterday 0 miles but outplanked my 11 year old if that counts..

Today 13 miles

Janathon total 144

Janathon day 26

The shame of it… Failure. I set out to run every day in January and I’ve had a day off. I’ve needed a day off for a while but instead I’ve done really easy runs and minimum distance on certain days to avoid an actual rest day. Honestly it would have been STOOPID to run today. I must have been a bit over enthusiastic at XC on Saturday and I’m left with a really tight left calf that I can’t seem to loosen off. It screamed at me for 5 out of 6 miles yesterday it wasn’t pleasant. So I have done a bit of Yoga today, fulfilling the actual Janathon requirement but not MY Janathon requirement..

In other news, I took my XC spikes out of the bag and put them outside hoping the rain would wash them clean, here’s how they look after a couple of small showers


It’s going to take more than rain I think

Janathon total stays at 131