Why blogging is brilliant!

When I got in from my run today, I was in a no mans land type state, I couldn’t quite focus on what it was I needed to do, shower, stretch, eat, drink or all them just a different order, I  sat in the kitchen staring at nothing. Totally wiped out.

I started to flick through my phone, reading an email and then looked at some of the blogs I follow.  The first one to come up was this from a fellow marathoner, about the voice in your head.

It occurred to me that I had fallen victim to that voice today, not only that, that voice was helping me to concoct lame excuses for my blog post.  The VOICE didn’t win, I don’t think. I just entered in to negotiations with it and I gave in a bit.

I had 16 miles planned today, I got up this morning and it was raining heavily and I really do have cold on the way, so the VOICE piped up,

“you don’t need to do this today, you’re very tired, put it off until another day, you know you want to, go on….”

and for a short while it won. I sat at the computer for a minute thinking about what jobs I’d get done without the long run then I flicked through the lastest blog posts I follow, I was inspired by a fellow marathon trainee and silenced the VOICE, I was going to do my 16 miles today. Then it piped up again,

16, really, do you neeeeeed to, what about a 10?”

This turned into a negotiation and we settled on 14, the 16 mile route from home is 14 from my mum’s and I was going there anyway. deal!

I started off on my run I didn’t feel great, I felt sickly and it wouldn’t go away. After a mile I was tempted to ring Dad’s rescue for a lift home…mission aborted, but I didn’t. Battling again with the VOICE I carried on. After negotiations over two routes (one was slightly shorter and less hilly) I opted for plan A. Ha, take that VOICE!! Then it played it’s trump card.

ah but the road is closed up here, you know this, what if you can’t even pass on foot, where will you go then, turn back, take the easy option, it makes sense.”

The VOICE made perfect sense so that is what I did, 12.75 miserable miles through the streets of Tameside,  at least it stopped raining.  The final 2 miles where torture, literally. None of the bushes that line the roads had been cut back and the weight of the water from the rain meant they were hanging over way more than normal, whipping me in the face every so often.  True, I could have crossed over but I was on autopilot, it didn’t even occur to me at the time.

So I am very grateful to my fellow bloggers today. It is because of them that I ran in the first place and haven’t filled my blogpost with lame excuses!

It wasn’t me, it was the VOICE!!

Thanks for reading

Sarah x


11 thoughts on “Why blogging is brilliant!

  1. Sarah, I could not run to save my life, I just want you to know that I am full of admiration and that I read your blogs – just so I can keep up.See you soon x

  2. It is great how blogging can keep you accountable. If I’m ever in a position where I think, maybe I shouldn’t run that race, I remember that at some point, there will be (admittedly, a small amount of) people who will want to know how it went. It’s not surprising though. One of the biggest tips that I’ve read out there to keep yourself motivated is to tell everyone you know about your goals.

    Strange how powerful social pressure can be, right?

    1. You have something there! Nobody wants to been regarded as a person who doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do. By writing your intentions down, you make a record, you must carry out your intentions to avoid being THAT person.

    1. Thank you for the link I have never seen The Oatmeal before, I have been reading through loads of his stuff, very funny.
      I am looking forward to Chester but it WILL probably be my last … except I have put my name in the ballot for London next year and let’s be honest, if you get in, you certainly don’t turn it down!

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